Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm here!

Phew! Okay, I'm here! I know, long time no blog. I guess I get like that sometimes. You know, a little reclusive? I've been going through so much personally that I just needed to step away and focus on where I was and what I was doing at the moment. But I didn't forget about you guys. I am on Facebook every day these days playing around and giving out tidbits about my day and state of mind at any given moment. Sometimes over sharing :P Things you never wanted to know about your favorite author! But hey, that's just who I am. Real. Human. Flawed.

But let's get to the juicy stuff. Everyone wants to know what the deal is, right? Here's the deal. Number one...I look hawt! Heeheehee! Yeah that's me! Uh huh. Take a close look, can't you see the mischief behind those eyes? I am SO up to no good. But that's good news for you all because that means I am coming up with all kinds of freakishly weird shit to entertain you.

Case in point, the second GATHERERS book, STEALING KATHRYN.

Isn't that an awesome cover? Love it. I am a lucky gal, and I get to pass the luck on to you all.

The thing I love about the GATHERERS series is that I can take it in all kinds of weird directions. The hero in this story is so twisted by the energy he reaps for his people he is nothing but a base creature really, thinking only about what he wants and caring nothing for anyone else. This is an unfortunate turn of events for our heroine because, unbeknown to her, he wants her. It's almost like the retelling of a dark fairytale we all know, but with a few more layers and a touch more darkness.

Meanwhile, back at home base, is undergoing reconstruction. Rather like it's owner! The current site is, admittedly, out of date. It is NIGHTWALKER-centric and, as you all know, I'm not just about the NIGHTWALKERS anymore. You've made some complaints about having difficulty navigating the site and not finding the updated information that you want and I have heard you. But this is going to mean some serious changes, some you may not like. For instance, the chatroom and notice boards are going to be taken down. They've been all but dead anyway and are basically only a home for spammers. Jerks. I would much rather spend the bandwidth entertaining all of you guys. I hope I pull it off.

Books. I have A LOT of them coming out this year. I have an anthology called NOCTURNAL with a very primal story in it called THE PHOENIX PROJECT. Wanna see a spooky cover?

How's this for a blend of sexy and dark? But pay attention to the story within. You may see these people in the future.


Okay now let's get back to current events. I have a stand alone book coming out I think will thrill you. Once again I have created a whole new world, and by new I do mean...not Earth as we know it. Possibly not Earth at all. Probably not Earth at all. LOL. I left that open to your interpretation. And...oh...probably mine too!

DRINK OF ME is the name of the book but, alas, I have no cover for you at present. They are working on it hard and fast over at Kensington. Now, it's not planned to be a series. Frankly, I sometimes get tired of writing within a series. Creatively speaking anyway. I like to do new things. Keep my brain fresh. Keep entertaining you in whole new ways you haven't seen before. That doesn't mean I won't ever go back to the NIGHTWALKERS. (*cough* *cough* JASMINE *cough* *cough*) or the SHADOWDWELLERS, it just means I like to keep it fresh. I mean, don't you get tired of the same old crap over and over again? Of course you do. I like to change it up.

For instance...let's talk about JAX. Who the hell is JAX? Well, hmm...good question. Let's just say she is an author who writes for Aphrodisia, you know...Kensington's super naughty erotica line of trade-sized paperbacks. She has a book coming out this fall as well. And since I am such a good friend of hers (ahem) I thought I would debut her cover in this blog for you :) Wanna talk strange new worlds? Wanna talk about alien sex?

Then let's talk about THE BID. This is such a perfect representation of the story within this book I can't even tell brought me to tears. I mean, after all I the book. Yes. I most certainly have. It's a much naughtier book than anything Jacquelyn Frank would write...and I've been pretty naughty already! But JAX is a lot like me (ahem) in that she creates in-depth new worlds with all new rules and then breaks all those rules. (I mean look at her, she's BLUE!! And she's a SEXY blue!!) I can guarantee you'll be hearing from JAX again in the future.

Okay I think that's everything. Heh. I may be quiet for a long time, but when I have something to say, it's a whopper, aint it? That reminds me, I am doing only three scheduled signings this year. Signing one is for STEALING KATHRYN'S release at Fireside Books in Forest City, NC. The date is May 1st and the time is from 6-8:00. Plenty of time to do what you have to do that day and then tuck the kidlets in with a sitter and enjoy a couple of hours with me.

Fireside Books & Gifts
2270 Hwy 74A Byp., Ste. 509
Forest City, NC 28043

The second signing of the year is in Tennessee. Saturday May 8th, for STEALING KATHRYN's release, at SHERLOCKS BOOKS in Lebanon, TN. Thank you to Blood Lust for the invitation!! I think the time will be 1-4:00. Three whole hours! Trapped there with nothing to do but talk to you all and sign your books! Heh!

And my third...yep, you guessed it! September 16th in New Jersey at the AUTHORS AFTER DARK weekend! YEE HAW!! WOO HOO! I am so psyched about this year's event! We had a great time last year (excluding my little foray into the disgusting little hospital they forced me to stay at. Eww. I mean...eww!) This year we will not have any of that! I will make it to the signing in one piece! I have been working on my core strength and balance and won't be tripping over my own feet and cracking my head open this time! I am thrilled to have Susan Sizemore as one of our guest authors. I am such a fan! (SQUEE!!) And of course all my favorite ladies who are returning this year. We are hoping to get a ton of baskets for the raffle and the donations to our pet charities (no pun intended). Maybe we'll even get more puppy visitors this year! I loved the puppies from last year and I know for a fact at least one of them was adopted!

That's my schedule. I know it's not a lot, but I need to write more than I need to travel. But I do promise to make it to the west coast sometime soon. I know somewhere out there someone would love to have me come sign at their store and I would love to go visit. Maybe, you know, California somewhere. I've never been to California. Or the Oregon coast. Heck, I'd even love to go to Seattle.

But I digress into shameless coaxing. I hope you have found this to be a nice informative blog. Making up for my absence. I will try to do better. I swear. But hey, it's quality that counts, not quantity. And look at all you learned today!!

Anyway, love you all. Thanks so much for bearing with me. I gotta go to bed!!
Hugs and Kitties,
Jacki Frank


Kim S. said...

Can I just say......HOLEY MOLEY!!

"I look hawt." What an understatement!! But more look healthy! You go girl!!!!! ;)

It's soooo very good to hear from you, glad things are going well!

And for those of us readers with all your new books coming out and the signings!! Whoooot!! :)

Happy Spring Jacki!!

g said...

WOW! That was alot of info Jacki, Thanks a ton! I have only one comment though. I wouldn't personally mind if you stopped the Nightwalker series but there is one thing in those stories that bugs me. Ruth needs to be dealt with so that part is put to rest. In my mind she is still out there stalking and possibly killing without all of us knowing about it.
Yeah I know, I'm a bit eccentric but I've been called worse!
One more thing, a book signing would be absolutely awesome! Minnesota in summer is a wonderful place to visit and vacation being its pretty mild in the day and cool at night for sleeping. I live in a resort town on two beautiful lakes in south central Minnesota that I know would be very happy to have you visit!
I should be a tour guide shouldn't I? Hope to see you here!

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely stunning.

joyroett said...

You look gorgeous!

RENEE said...

You're really trying to push me to new reading levels, huh? I'll at least have to check out the recommended JAX book...

As for looking've always been beautiful - it's good that you see yourself that way now!

I am so impressed with your push to get healthier and stronger! You are amazing.

Lookikng forward to all the new stories! Keep taking care of yourself and writing us new yummy books.

Love ya lots, Ren

Tracy said...

As I said on Facebook Jackie - you look simply amazing and I'm so happy for you. I can hear in your voice how happy you are as well.

You have been a busy, busy woman! My goodness look at all of that wonderful book goodness! I'm very excited for your releases!

Take care

Anonymous said...

oh Jackie...I remenber when I first met you..RT in Pittsburgh..I was sitting next to you on the park bench and we started talking and I had no idea who you were...Then we introduced each other and I thought I was going to have a heart attack!..I could not believe what a wonderful down to earth person you were...that was three years ago and look what you have accomplished not only physically but as a author! I am so proud to have a friend with the heart and determination you have..You absolutely look Fabulous darling!..You will always have my friendship and love of your books...Take care and even though we don't see or talk as often..know yu have a fan and friend for life...Pam Mann

g said...

Pam Mann, Want to know a good way to keep in contact with Jacki? Join Facebook and become her friend. She is awesome!

Kelly said...

Oh, I think I'm gonna LUUUUUV JAX!!!
And I'm sooo happy you're going to being writing about *cough* Jasmine! *cough*!!!
AHHH...I'm jumping up and down yayayaa!!! to find a way to get to NC to your signing...hmmm... I think I may have to visit fam in Charlotte around May 1st!! LOL
LOVE YOU!!! Thank you soo much for sharing your wonderful imagination!!

Larissa Ione said...

OMG, you've got a ton of awesome news...and DAMN...I love those covers!!!!

Annemarie said...

Just thought I say Hi, I love your books, you have a beautiful writing style and wonderful imagination that really appeals to me. I have just finished "Hunting Julian", just waiting for one of the guys to come pick me up - they are looking for Beautiful, full figured, early 40s babes too arn't they??

Anyhoo, loved your photo, you look great, just looking for a copy of that book by your "friend" "JAX", I love aliens - expecially blue ones.

Love ya work, wish you could write faster - LOL (only kidding - no pressure) - If you happen to see any of these Hunky kidnappers send them down to Australia.

Love AMV

whitney said...

OMG you look amazing. But more than that you look happy and content. Keep it up, and know that we are all rooting for you.
Can't wait to get my hands on your next books. I devour them the day I get them and then reread them for the next week. Even now, I am having to go back to get another fix.
Take time to enjoy life's little pleasures

Jenn said...

I'm so happy your surgery went well!!! and lady, you ARE lookin' "HAWT!" : ) looking forward to your new books, can't wait to get my fingers oh some! and yes, I'm SURE someone here on the west coast will LOVE to have you in there store - here's hoping it's somewhere close to here! *cough*Portland!*cough* lol