Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Found my "vest" for my AAD costume!

I'm going to be the Mad Hatter for the AAD masquerade event. Im in the process of designing and buying the pieces for the costume, and While I have been looking, I have been taking several things into account: Comfort, reuse-ability and breath-ability. And I think I found my Vest for the costume, once again at Chicstar!

The vest is cotton, comes in two colors (white and black) and isn't gathered anywhere that might become uncomfortable. And its so plain that it can easily be worn for a costume or with jeans and a blazer. Versatile? Hell yeah.

See I like clothes that can do double duty with costuming. This piece is one of those, mostly because its so basic that the possibilities are endless. I mean its double breasted, has just enough spandex in it to make it fitted and the best part? The Price: Under 25$ You can buy the vest HERE and check out all the clothes at

Can you tell I LOVE this website? So many cute clothes for cheap I'm completely addicted.

OOh and guess what? We have three new books coming out! thats right... short stories, but still you will be treated to something new starting in May! Check out the covers!

More about these stories and books as we get closer to release for them! I know your going to be loving these... ooh and did I mention they are all 99 cents books? thats right! So stay tuned!

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Suzette said...

Vest is cute. The covers are sweet looking.