Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yay, Wisconsin!!!!

Well, we're all moved and settled in! The move went well -- the best of 12 moves we've made. Usually we have to drive from one coast to another, but this time the drive was only two days, from VA to WI. And instead of taking two cars, we only had to take one. So hubster drove while I popped open my laptop and worked on edits.

It was a pretty decent trip.

So now we're here. Hubby is out on his Coast Guard boat until mid-month, so I'm getting the house set up by myself. I took today off, however. Today was a "curl up on couch and drink hot cocoa day." Why? Because you would never know it's not summer!

Today the high temperature was 54 degrees, and it's rainy and foggy outside. I have a fire going in the fireplace, hot cocoa in my cup, and slippers on my feet. I'm loving it! Such a nice change from VA, where we were already using the A/C in February!

So anyway, I'm here and happy. Hope everyone else is doing well!



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