Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I thought I should use my first blog as something of an introduction for those of you who don't know me! I've lived in many places over the years, but I'm currently residing in a very remote section of Missouri north of Hannibal. There's ups and downs to living away from civilization, but while I miss the excitement of a big city, I do love the scenery. I've been married 24 years to the world's most patient husband. He's a counselor and football coach at the local school, which means Friday nights spent on cold, hard benches, watching kids run into each other...sigh. I have two teenage sons, both in college although they both still live at home and commute. I don't think they'll ever move out :) My oldest is in a death metal band that has confiscated my garage as their studio. You can't imagine how much fun it is to try writing a love scene with the house shaking and a dozen kids yelling at the top of their voices.

I started my career twenty years ago...wow, I'm old. It took me ten years to finally get published writing regencies (which I love) under the name Deborah Raleigh. I still write historicals, but a couple of years ago I decided to turn my love for all things Buffy into words. I began writing the first in the Guardians of Eternity just for my own pleasure. I love the combination of fantasy and humor and it crept into the book even when I was trying to be dark and brooding. Ah well. It was actually my editor at Zebra Publishing that suggested we make the book a first in series, for which I'll forever be grateful. I've loved the journey and I hope my readers will too.

Living in the middle of nowhere means I love to chat about anything related to books with fellow readers, so I hope you'll jump in and let me know what's on your mind!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex *waves*

Thanx 4 the insight re ur 2 boyz...got 2 of my own (5 & 8 yrs old)...something 2 look 4ward 2...I guess! *giggles* @ least, I no who 2 write 2 4 advise when my boyz decided 2 come pounding in my garage or basement. *giggles*

Thanx 4 sharing w/ us this wonderful series. I have enjoyed reading ur GOE series tremendously. I just luv how u throw in sense of humour here & there in ur vamp storytelling...like the ‘feeling like a lobster' moment in Dante’s story or ‘the car incident’ in Viper’s story & let’s not 4get Monsieur Levet! *LOL* I have read that u have agreed 2 write 3 more bks in this series...ttl of 6 bks in all. Any chance there could b more? If not, is there another series that u might b working on that u care 2 share w/ us?


Alexandra Ivy said...

Yeah, thanks for stopping by, Ada! And oh yes, you have a whole world full of fun with those boys ahead of you :0 Right now there's only six books in the series, but I'm not sure if I'll be done with those Guardians, so I hope for more. And you know, I'm always, always working on new ideas...I just can't stop myself!

Stella Price said...

Hey Alex!

I'm in agreement... I do love me some Levet... and I'm CHOMPING at the bit for Cezar!!!

Yay for your first post!


Anonymous said...

Thanx 4 replying back, Alex. YAY! *jumping up & down* Keep those delicious Guardians coming.


Alexandra Ivy said...

Stella, it was worth the price of admission trying to watch me figure out how to leave a comment :) Jeez, I really am a caveman...

Katie(babs) said...

WOW great blog!! Dark and sexy :D
Can't wait to see what you ladies have in store.
*sits down with a cup of coffee and offers some*

Stella Price said...

Nah Alex youll do fine, but if you insist on being the comic relief... LOL... who am I to tell you different?


Alexandra Ivy said...

Hey, Katie, welcome!! I'm still trying to figure this whole leave a comment thing out, so if I end up leaving a dozen weird postings, its me and not the medication :)

Someday I'm going to enter the 21st Century. I only hope the world can survive!


Stephanie*magic* said...

lol Alex!
Great blog ladies! I'm looking forward to stopping by everyday. :)
Love the Gaurdians ALex!
Cant wait for the next one!

Alexandra Ivy said...

Waving at Steph (is that allowed?) So happy to have you here. I think this will be a great place to gather! I don't promise to say anything fascinating, but someone will :)


Amy C said...

Hey Alex :),

What a great group of authors mingling together on one blog!

Death metal band? Oy, that could be quite likely my son in the future! LOL

Alexandra Ivy said...

Amy, just a suggestion would be to start filling your garage so they can't fit in there :) Of course, it's always fun to go to the clubs where he plays and mingle with the multi-pierced, tattooed, mohawked fans! I'm always shocked to discover how truly nice and polite they can be to an old woman like me!


april s said...

Hi Alex :) I love your stories and cant wait for more of your Darkness stories . I am so glad to find this website with such awesome authors.

Can you tell us when to expect the next release from you in the Darkness series??? pretty please

Alexandra Ivy said...

Thanks, April!!! A huge welcome to the site :) As of now the next book (tentatively titled Darkness Revealed) isn't scheduled until March 09...sigh. Of course the last two books have been moved up, so I have hopes it won't take that long.

Just as a little teaser, the sixth book in the series will be Salvatore's story!


Ja'niece said...

Wahoo!!! Now I can finally keep tabs on you and the Guardians updates. Please tell me that Levet will make an apperence in the next book. The little demon is very endearing.

HannahMiranda said...

Hello Alex!
I absolutely LOVE your Guardians series! I don't think I can wait 9 months for the next book! I also enjoyed your bonus story on your website. Will that be published also?