Friday, December 2, 2011

Updates from Stella: AAD 2012!

1. AAD is now full for featured authors! There is a wait list but with all the hubbub about being a FA, I don't think we will be dipping into it.

2. Balcony rooms: PLEASE NOTE: Join the AAD forum, where we will give you info on how to request a balcony room for 2012. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: Just because you asked for one when you got your reservations doesn't mean that you will get one. We have a limited amount of balcony rooms, and everyone that gets one MUST SIGN A WAIVER that states that anything thrown off the balcony, all fines and fees will be absorbed by the attendee in the room, not the convention. If you do not sign this, you will not get a balcony room. (And Just an FYI: The fines are around 5k for ONE PIECE OF MATTER thrown or dropped from any of the balconies...)

3. join the AAD forum! All the info on events, parties and special goodies will be talked about and announced there! THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO GET ALL THE INFO FOR THE CON!

4. we are about 75% full! If you know someone that is on the fence about going, let them know! We are filling up SO quickly, I thank everyone that's registered this year so far. We are now the fastest growing convention in Romance!

5. rooms are filling up quick! Dont forget to get your room ASAP!

Ok thats it from Stella... Im back in my packing hole to move!

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