Wednesday, September 21, 2011

rooms at AAD nola

AAD NOLA has worked out a new deal with the hotel...

We have a good amount of rooms available now for our room blocks...

Tuesday the 7th:50
Wed: 150
Thurs: 210
Friday: 210
Saturday: 210
Sunday: 50
Monday: 25

So this means....

that there Are and will be rooms available for everyone for the time they wanna be there. I know you guys wanna stay at the hotel longer, and now your able to on the con price for the rooms!

The POG will be up tomorrow from what I was told just now so please be patient!


Artemis said...

Where's the link to register for the rooms? Haven't been able to find it yet. Getting anxious here.

Stella Price said...

Artemis are you already registered? If so you will be getting the link in from the registration email link, and that is the ONLY WAY you will be able to get a room and make sure you have it for the event.

You will not be able to just call in and get a room. You MUST use the link you receive via email on monday. Also, join the Forum, as all the info is there and in real time (as well as explanations!)