Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Info on AAD room reservations

Hey Everyone.

Thought I would clear the air...

PLEASE do not call and make a room reservation. it will not count towards our room block. The only way the rooms will count towards the block is to do it through the online POG (which we will be sending out the link via the registered list as soon as its open).

This past year we had 7 rooms credited to our room block that weren't rooms of people registered for the con, and that caused issues, and had people staying at other hotels. We are attempting to make sure that doesn't happen, so that is why the POG is so important.

Oh and FYI, After speaking to our Conference Liaison yesterday, we were told we had no rooms reserved to our block... and today I hard from three people that they reserved their rooms already... so those rooms wouldn't have been credited because they weren't counting them towards it, regardless of what they said at the front desk.

So if you have reserved a room already by phone PLEASE CALL AND cancel it and wait for the POG. this will ensure you get a room in the room block, for the right price and it wont be canceled because the numbers dont match up.

Thanks guys! POG info should be up today or tomorrow... so check your Emails!

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