Friday, March 18, 2011


After a few different incarnations (especially because bands are INSANE PEOPLE and expect a lot from small cons) the Steampunk Victorian Carnival now has a schedule, of sorts.We are still working out the fine tuning, and adding some awesome events to the night... so Lemme give you guys info.

our man attraction is the OLD CITY SIDESHOW, an awesome burlesque vaudeville show in the vein of the old school sideshows of the south. Lots of awesome there, We are seriously excited to have such a cool main act this year. and whats a bonus? we will have a steampunk burlesque show too!

And Music? Yes we got that... Provided by DJ Kiltboy!

All our awesome steampunk authors will be on hand to sign books, talk to you and maybe even do some readings!

we will have Curiosities Parlor where attendees can peruse Victorian curiosities include Daguerreotypes, tintypes, Victorian hair jewelry, Mourning cards, and other things sure to incite your imagination and show you just how weird the Victorian era was! Psychics will be on hand, and we might even have a medium to play with, along with amazing photo ops and vendors!

Also, we will be setting up a steampunk fashion show as well!

Your hosts for the evening?
Meljean Brook, Theresa Meyers, Elizabeth Darvill, Bianca D'Arc, Nick Valentino, Dagmar Avery, Jennifer Armintrout, Natalie Gray, Sahara Kelly, Leanna Renee Hieber, Robert Roman, PJ Schnyder

And Oh yeah... you'll be able to win some awesome steampunk style goodies, books and baskets!

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