Sunday, March 27, 2011

Opperation Auction has Started!

That's right... and our first AWESOME auction up for bids is the Package for AAD 2012! What it is? Well glad you asked...

This listing is for Registration to the 2012 convention in New Orleans, August 8-12th and hotel room. Registration includes your meals (5) and entry to the con, and all the con functions (excludes cash bar alcohol and off site food and drink), and a special bag of books from the attending authors and special signing for you and 5 of your friends including but not limited to authors: Joey W Hill, Alexandra Ivy, Judi Fennell, Larissa Ione, Stephanie Tyler (together as Sydney Croft), Jess Haines, Allison Pang and Jeanine Frost August 8th.

Whats cooler? Well this is good for ANY TYPE OF ATTENDEE! Thats right, If your an author thinking you REALLY wanna come (especially small press) and dont know if your publisher will be attending, guarentee your spot (and the ability to sign!) by Winning this auction! Readers, if you really wanna attend but just dont think you'll have the $$$ to do it... Please try and bid as well, because this is for a AMAZINGLY awesome cause!

OOH and our personal auction, The I DO IT DEMONSTYLE auction (5 signed print books, and a ton of DEMONSTYLE swag) is up too... Please help us make sure we dont have too poor showing... (Ill be happy if it fetches at least 60$ LOL) And guess what? TONS of other amazing AAD authors have donated time, and swag to this auction you really cant go wrong!

Tomorrow the DAY PASS #1 for AAD 2011 goes up, and Tuesday the DAY PASS with Jess Haines goes up... so bid early, bid often, and above all, Have FUN!


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