Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Top 10 reasons to attend AAD Philly

So I have been hearing a lot about cons and other short of events, and I think its about time I explain why AAD is the best choice for your con-going needs!

1. AAD is the CHEAPEST convention in romance fandom! at $130 for registration, all your meals are included in this price, which NO OTHER con does for that price. And the food? AMAZING! I don't sign with a hotel that has crappy food, So many out there, why settle for nasty food?

2. AAD is the ONLY con that welcomes all forms of authoring, be it NY published, Small Press, E pubbed or self pubbed. We offer both a regular signing for print and a e book signing as well.

3.NO authors are above others at AAD, everyone is equal. We all made the journey into publishing, and succeeded, no one is better then anyone else.

4. AAD is the ONLY con that offers a in house tattoo artist! That's right, our awesome tattoo guy, Geoff, is on hand all weekend to provide for all your tattooing (and piercing) needs.

5. AAD has the most amount of books as goodies! This past year we gave away over 3000, and are planning on at least 4000 for this year, from amazing publishers like Pocket, TOR, Kensington, MLR Press, Tease Publishing, NAL and Sourcebooks! No other con gives away as many books as we do, and this year, you'll be able to get E BOOKS for free as well!

6. AAD is a more laid back con, bringing readers and authors together. Authors hangout with you, sit at your table at dinner, party with you and of course, talk about the one thing that brings us all there, BOOKS!

7. AAD is a Not For Profit, making it the only one in romance fandom as well. What does this mean? It means we dont do this to make money off you, we do it to further the Author/ Reader relationship. Without readers, authors would be outta business... and we love you for every book you read and every author you support. At AAD Readers Rule Romance!

8. at AAD bloggers are amazing! Bloggers are the backbone of this industry. Forget review sites, Readers trust their friends for recommendations, and as close knit as the romance community is, most voracious readers are also bloggers. We reward them for keeping this industry alive with ARC's goodies and special events, because we love them.

9. AAD also has a stunning writers track, lead by authors and industry professionals, sure to help you on your way to publication. We offer some amazing editors and agents for our appointments, and because we limit the amount of time they are "working" they have a good time as well. At most cons, your stuck with a 8 minute appointment to make an impression. At AAD, Editors and Agents hangout, and sit with you through the weekend, cultivating relationships!

10. Last but not least, AAD has some of the best authors in romance today attending, not because they are being paid to, or because they are being offered something, but because they want to meet and hangout with you, the reader. Everyone at AAD is approachable, because we make sure the environment is not stressed and is just a big old party they can enjoy as well. Check our website for the full list, it keeps growing because they are all looking for quality time with their fans!

Now, maybe I'm just biased, but I really think AAD is the best value for your money when your choosing a con. I mean it isn't about making money, well not in the sense other cons are. AAD is about making money through BOOKS, not to slip into my or the organizations pockets. Everything extra we collect goes to an animal charity, this year its once again, Pets Alive. Every book sold at this cons helps to further each of us in this industry, and allows us to keep writing, and giving you all beautiful and sexy stories to fall in love with. Its why its so cheap, so YOU the reader can keep buying the books you love, and not have to dip into your 401k to meet the authors you really wanna meet. Utopian? Nah. Just realistic. Spending oodles of cash on a con is not going to make sure you can buy books, it only puts the money into the cons pockets, not the authors, and isn't that what we want?

Questions? Comments? Concerns? I'm open to them all!


MamaKitty said...

This is the first con that I'm going to, and every single one of these reasons is why I'm going! I can't wait for AAD 2011! :D

Lillie (AliseOnLife) said...

Well said, Stella. I'll see everyone attending in August!

Unknown said...

Perfect. I am going to forward the world here!

LadyGrace said...

I love this con more than all the others because of the reasons Stella said. Some like RT cost a lot more. Plus this con is so reasonable and wonderfully fun at the same time. Everyone who can go, should go.

Twimom227 said...

Can't wait to see you all there!

Michelle at Clover Hill Book Reviews said...

This sounds fabulous. Doubt I'll be able to come though as I'm not in the US, oh to have a sugar daddy or sponsor :)

Have fun those who go!

Dark Pen said...

Might be interesting to go, but I suspect there isn't really a place for more hard core work there.