Friday, September 11, 2009


I seem to be finding myself in uncharted territory a lot lately. The most recent surprise--Albacon.

Albacon is a Science Fiction convention held annually in Albany, NY. This year they are making history by including a romance day. Friday, October 9th, will be made up of panels from 9am-3pm, followed by a book signing from 3-5pm.

I have been invited to participate, not just as a guest, but as a panelist. I'm treating this kind of as a warm-up for the Authors After Dark Weekend. Perhaps by AAD I will stop saying, "But I don't really write paranormal" which is exactly what went through my head when I received the email informing me which 2 panels I'd be sitting on at Albacon.

Creating Worlds

Panelists: Jessica Andersen, Inanna Arthen (M), Cat Johnson, Susan Hanniford Crowley

Using Mythology in Stories (panel)

Jessica Andersen (M), Cat Johnson, K.A. Laity, Bianca D'Arc, Janice Dumas

My first reaction was, "Wait a minute, I can't speak on world building." Then I stopped and realized, yeah, I can. For the three Greek God stories I have out with Tease Books for the Pantheon series of course I had to world build. I created Mount Olympus as I see it in my head. I researched mythology and crafted tales combining myths, fiction, fantasy, the contemporary world we live in and the world of ancient lore.

Today I'm celebrating the Samhain re-release of my contemporary cowboy menage, Rough Stock, but alongside my contemporary career, I have to remember, though I keep forgetting, yes, I'm a paranormal author too. When you see me at Albacon and AAD and I have a dazed look on my face, give me a poke and remind me, will ya? Thanks!

In other news... on the AAD weekend front, we know we said registrations were closed, however, the hotel has given us more time to give them the final numbers so registration is BACK OPEN. Check out for more info if you want to come. But don't delay, we don't have forever, just until the 20th of September.

Cat Johnson

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Stella Price said...

YOu are going to rock both events. But really thats what paneling is. getting there and then making the conversation your own. I have sat on a few panels I had NO IDEA what I was going to say on, and ended up being the most prolific talker *ME? NEVER!*

I think its smart your on the world building panel because you have a unique perspective. As a short story writer, You have to world build something that makes sense in under 20k words. Thats a big deal, and you do it well.

See you tomorrow!