Thursday, August 20, 2009

End of Summer

Wow...can't believe that school is starting and summer is coming to an end. It always makes me a little sad, but this year I'm really too busy to take much notice :( There's just a couple of months until Darkness Unleashed will be hitting the shelves so I'm working on promo (I'll be doing some blogging and giving away a few early copies of Darkness Unleashed so check by my web site for details) and Levet has been out and about. He did an interview with the lovely Stella, stop by here and take a look: I did finish up Salvatore's story (whew) and I'm getting ready to plunge into the new anthology. I'm still debating whether or not Levet should be getting a role...he's such a prima donna :) Let me know what you think!

Enjoy these last days of summer,


Stella Price said...

We want Levet! We want Levet! hes the bestest anyway....

Alexandra Ivy said...

It's always dangerous to encourage him :)

Stephanie*magic* said...

lol Alex!!
WTG on the books hon!
Soooo looking forward to reading more!
Would love more Levet. :)

Alexandra Ivy said...

Thanks, Steph!!