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Featured Author Friday

This week's Featured Authors Friday is PJ Schnyder and Jae Lynne Davies.  Both of these ladies are simply amazing and super nice!  I had the chance to meet them both this past August in New Orleans at AAD they both were incredibly humble and friendly; all despite me being in complete awe of them all week and gushing about everything(so thanks for not slapping me around). 
I had the pleasure of reading PJs Drowning Tides prior to meeting her, so I felt a little prepared.  Although her outfits blew me out of the water; I stand in awe, of not just her but all of the attendees who dressed up during the convention; those ladies hold nothing back and frankly if there was a best-dressed contest for the whole convention I'd hate to be the one to decide who wins 'cause everyone goes all out.  Ms. Jae Lynne is an absolute pleasure to be around, I didn't even realize who she was at first (I just thought she was another awesome book lover)...  I'm not sure where I got the impression that authors were these horrible devias who wouldn't want to me, the star-struck-fan (I blame Hollywood and movies like Devil Wears Prada) so frankly I was a little nervous about meeting them all. However, both of these women (and everyone else) absolutely rocked and chatted with me like they were one of my buddies (I recall a conversation about "strip club etiquette" with them while we were prepping some convention bags)... 
What are you reading this weekend? Be sure to check these two ladies out if you are between books or add 'em to your to-be-read lists... Prime Members on Amazon can borrow for FREE Jae Lynne's Mythic title and Love's Immortal Pantheon Vol. 5 that has works from both PJ & Jae Lynne.  
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

PJ Schnyder
About: Born and raised in the North East, PJ Schnyder spent her childhood pretending to study for the SATs by reading every fantasy and sci-fi novel she could borrow from the local and school libraries. She scored fairly high in the verbal portion. She was introduced to the wonderful world of romance a decade later by her best friend at an anime convention in Seattle.  She now lives somewhere temperate watching the seasons go by with her two dogs and super stealthy ninja kitty, writing her stories.
Genre: Paranormal, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction
Terra’s Guardians (Series):
Heart’s Sentinel is the first book in the series.
" In a post-apocalyptic world, humans rebuild cities of technology and shape shifters restore the wilds of nature. Mackenzie runs to the jaguars of River Gap pride in order to learn to live as something she never wanted to be – a shape shifter – and for sanctuary from the stalker who brutally Changed her. Adam, a River Gap Sentinel, is assigned as her guard and mentor. Even  though she ignites flames of primal desire in him, he holds himself back, well aware of his strength and how new she is to the shape shifter world. To survive the stalker, though, they both need to first battle their pasts and learn what it means to truly be the sentinels of each other’s hearts."
Stand Alones:
Hunting Kat (SciFi Romance)
" As a mercenary, Kat Darah doesn’t have to pass for a normal human. On the edge of the solar system, she’s just another biped. Most of the time.Nearing the end of his military tour, Lt. Christopher Rygard debates the idea of hanging up his uniform for good. Looking for answers at the bottom of a glass of scotch, he meets Kat.One shared night of mutual desire seems harmless. But when their tryst is interrupted by attackers hunting Rygard, Kat must reveal her other form, the predator beneath the human façade.Together they embark on a dangerous mission—a race against time to meet the enemy’s demands, while trying to deny the passion between them. Rygard is faced with a terrible choice in the face of duty: Report the existence of a human turned shape-shifter. Or forget he ever met her."
Downing Tides (Paranormal)
" Lora loved being a mermaid, reveled in the freedom of the sea. But an ancient danger approaches and her friend, Katherine, needs to live up to her potential or countless lives will end. In an effort to coax Katherine ashore to spend time immersed in the emotions humans generate so easily, Lora steals the breath of life from unwary divers. For every human life, she has three days and three nights to fill her lungs with air and walk among them. Seeking the perfect bait for Katherine, Lora goes ashore … but finds love instead."
Evie’s Gift (Steampunk)
" Evie traveled to England with her brother to find a sponsor for her first season in London, and a suitor. She’s finding much more than she intended, including an enemy submarine bent on destroying the airship carrying them across the ocean and a conspirator responsible for sabotaging her host’s mechanicals.She ought to focus on becoming a proper lady by English standards. Her passion pushes her towards the engineering and design of mechanicals. And in this Christmas season, will she keep her particular gift a secret? "
Other Works:
Red’s Wolf (Terra’s Guardians Book 2), A Swan in Siam (Tales from the Archives Volume Two, official anthology of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences), Remember My Name(Gimme Shelter anthology)
Recent Works/Upcoming Releases:  Bite Me (Coming Summer 2013)
Contact Her:
Fan Snail Mail: PJ Schnyder //8775 Centre Park Drive #217 //Columbia, MD 21045
Purchase her work at any of these links:

Jae Lynne Davies
About:  She is mother of two wonderful children and wife to a supportive husband, living in the surburbs of Philadelphia. During the day, she works full time in both the mortgage and real estate industries. At night, she’s a romance author who creates a world of memorable characters, and sizzling scenes, with a love for the paranormal. She is also an active member of the Romance Writers of America and the Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal Chapter, and the New Jersey Romance Writers Association.
Genre: Paranormal
" Centuries after the death of her family, human/vampire hybrid, Gianna Marino is determined to shed the blood of the vampire responsible.
Disguising herself as a human wanting to be turned, she infiltrates the enemy’s coven with the hope of bending him to her will and destroying him from the inside.
But when a handsome stranger enters the scene and is lured into their seductive game that results in a heated love triangle, she discovers a secret that blurs the lines between good and evil, forever changing the course of her existence, and destiny will soon determine on which side she’ll stand"
Blood Moon (Mythic #2):
“Forced to make a heartbreaking decision between the man she loves and the family she thought long dead, Gianna Marino returns to London—obligated to vampire coven leader, Mattias Vitale while thoughts of another are fresh on her mind.
When word is received of suspicious vampire activity, she is assigned to an investigation that leads her to Greece, where she discovers Dante—Mattias’s recently resigned second in command, and a dangerous prophecy. Dante Diakos is the last of a pure immortal bloodline—a descendant of the gods, and he intends to invoke the power of the entire pantheon on the eve of the Blood Moon which occurs once every millennia. If he attains the legendary abilities, he’ll be the most powerful being on earth, and intends for her to rule by his side. When the fate of world hangs in the balance, a decision is placed in Gianna’s hands…Become an eternal slave to Dante’s will or lose everyone she’s ever loved.” 
The Contract (Love’s Immortal Pantheon, Book 5):
“The goddess of the hunt carries an entirely different meaning in Diana’s world. A contract assassin for her father Jupiter, Diana trades her traditional gowns for a crossbow and vowed to fulfill her duties by eliminating anyone who threatened the pantheon. But when she receives a contract to kill the sexy Cole Hunter, the heat between the two ignites. Diana develops feelings she’s never experienced and is faced with the decision to give her father, Jupiter, the human’s heart, or give Cole hers. The race is on to protect him from Jupiter’s wrath, before she loses him forever.”
Recent Works/Upcoming Releases:  Ashes of Reckoning (Mythic, #3) (From Tease Publishing 2013)
Contact Her:
Purchase her work at any of these links:

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