Sunday, April 29, 2012

AAD2013 Parties... and YOU!

So with 2013 planning on the horizon, and the popularity of 2012, I have decided to start early by getting feedback on things YOU, the author, might wanna do. That’s right, we are taking applications for participation in AAD 2013: Savannah Nights!

Now not everything proposed will be accepted, mostly because we don’t have the room and time for everything, but A big part of 2013 is going to be mixers/parties/events and hangouts. Why? Because the Readers have asked for them. More face time with authors in a party like atmosphere is what they want and by gum… we are going to give it to them.

So if you’re interested in throwing a part/ Event/ Mixer/ Hangout PLEASE fill this out:

Themed is AWESOME and will help with choosing. Please note, Events that are doing food and booze will get first acceptances (because we gotta hit a F&B quota) But this year we will be offering swag parties and smaller meet and greets. So any ideas you got… we wanna see um!

First tier acceptance closes on June 20th (meaning anyone accepted in that timeframe gets prime time slots) So get your proposals in! Everything considered!


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Dolly said...

Already planning to attend and can't wait. Waited too long and missed New Orleans.
Sounds wonderful.