Friday, May 6, 2011

Questions about AAD 2012: Answered.

hey all! I have been getting some questions recently from authors about AAD 2012 and while a lot of the info is in the website FAQ, Some of it needs a bit more elaboration so it seems.

So my most asked question is this: How do I get registered early?

My answer to this is this: Get your publisher to commit to some sort of promotional for the event in 2012. Books (which are preferred), parties, book launches, sponsoring something like badges, bags, glasses (for the welcome mixer). Each publisher that commits gets 4-5 authors guaranteed.

See, AAD is about the readers, about keeping them happy and exposing them to authors in order to have their money spent not on meeting authors and hanging out with them, but on buying books and helping support the authors they love, so we can all keep doing what we do. Which is why AAD is so cheap, so they can spend the money on books, in any format they want. Happy attendees are key, and AAD like to keep them happy with freebies and goodies. And the only way I can be assured that we will have the freebies and goodies is to make sure publishers are on board.

To that end, there's another reason. I don't want there to be too large of an influx of authors from ONE publisher. in the past we have had a HUGE amount from one publisher or another, and that publisher hasn't done anything. That's not fair, because the ones that do participate are being cut short. So this is a means to rectify that.

Now if a publisher is participating, out of the 4-5 accepted they can guarantee only 2 (meaning they can say THESE PEOPLE ARE COMING) and ONLY if they are doing a Book launch or a party for the author/ series. Books do not guarantee any one author anything, unless its 400 copies of ONE BOOK (which we would rather not do... we want people to buy books).

So if you NEED to know you have an early spot, get your publisher to sponsor in some way. Have them contact me (NOT YOU, your publisher, I'm not taking hearsay as conformation)and we can get the ball rolling.


Registration opens in September 2011. If you would like the advance Notification, and are an AUTHOR, please click HERE.

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