Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm looking forward to my first AAD conference and already making plans!! For those of you attending I have a question. What sort of promo do your prefer from an author? I have the ususal suspects :) Bookmarks, bookplates, coverflats... As a reader I always love bookmarks, but I'm always on the lookout for the new and the unusual! So if you have any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them!

Another question, I'm coming in early so I can do some sightseeing. Is anyone else planning to check out Philly? It would be great if a few of us could get together so I'm not wandering around lost as usual :)

Hope to see you there,


Book Chatter Cath said...

probably not out of the ordinary but what about buttons with the slogan or hook line from the books on them??

Stella Price said...

Ill be there early, Actually on monday! I used to live in philly for 4 years (college) so if everyone wants we can take a few side trips to Redding terminal Market, (2 blocks) Love Park, The Municipal Building (where there's giant board game pieces all over the place including a big Sorry piece!) Rittenhouse square and of course, South Street (there is a FANTASTIC frozen yogurt place down there that has EVERY flavor you can think of!)

Alexandra Ivy said...

I love the idea of buttons! Great, Stella :) I'm ready to discover Philly!!

LadyGrace said...

Well I like bookmarks with some kind of chocolates on them. I might be coming early myself to get some sight seeing as I've never been to Phili.

Virginia E said...

I'm going to make an obvious suggestion. Visit the TSA website and look for the list of stuff you can't take on an airplane.You've wasted your money if people can't take it home with them. It's essentially the same problem if it's hard to pack or transport. Remember that buttons are probably going to be a luggage pack item.

Beyond that, look at your book and see if there is a particular theme or item that stands out. Also look at your cost for the quantity that you need (reorders tend to be more expensive). I have to admit that some of the best promo items that I got were the ones that could have a practical existance after that first "ooo pretty" died away.

Anonymous said...

I love bookmarks, too... but, the promo item that I always carry around in my purse is a cleaning cloth for my glasses or computer screen :)