Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The AAD site is gone!!!

Yes, your old webby has done us wrong and we are without the AAD site now, 3 days before registration is closed. Whats good is I have an up to date list of registrants, whats bad is anyone who was waiting till last minute to register wont be able to the same way.

If your waiting till the 1st to register, PLEASE READ THIS:

REGISTRATION IS OPEN TILL MIDNIGHT ON SATURDAY AUGUST 1ST. If you want to register, please contact me at with "AAD registration" in the subject line.

I need:

Email Addy:
Registration type: Blogger, Industry, Reader, vendor

And Ill send you the payment info (still 140$)


I'm so sorry about this everyone, but apparently it cannot be helped!

Next year's site will be up September 20th so be on the look out for all the amazing things we have for ya, we we will see ya in September!

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