Thursday, April 8, 2010

Confession Time!

Stella's been talking con clothes lately and it has me thinking about the bag sitting on the chair in the study.

It's an innocuous white plastic bag, but what's inside was a total whim, and a little outside my normal comfort zone. Short, tight, and full of ruffles skirt.

You see, while talking to my sister on the phone [both of us on mobiles in Targets 3000 miles apart - have you been in there lately? Maybe you've seen the skirt - black though.], she picked it out and I bought it. Now what do I do with it? I like it but have no idea what to wear with it or where to wear it.


Anyone have any ideas or should I take it this random shopper out.

Tilly Greene
WARNING!  Red hot romances ahead!

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Yadira Alonzo said...

It is sorta cute, but if you are having this much trouble picturing yourself wearing it then I would say you should take it back. Ruffles can be a sorta tricky thing. If you like ruffles try a blouse with them instead of a skirt. Me personally, I like ruffles but it depends on where they are on the clothing and how many there are. If this skirt had a few less ruffles then I would be more inclined to call it a keeper.

Tilly Greene said...

Yeah, it looked cute on the hanger, and cute folded in the bag, but when I try it on - blank. My sister said basic tee, but I just keep turning my back on the bag whenever I go into the study - I guess that is the big hint it isn't working for me :-)