Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Favorite Things 2009

Every year I think back over the new things I fell in love with over the previous twelve months. Past lists have included butter bells, bag balm, frozen pizza, and UGGS. Anyway, here are the things I loved in 2009:

~Snuggie – this is a recent acquisition…I just got it for Christmas. But I already love it! It’s surprisingly warm and soft.

~iPod Nano – My iPod was on my 2007 list, but this year I got a new one. It’s shiny pink, and the new features like the video camera are just awesome. I LOVE my new iPod!

~Sunbeam Electric Blanket – yeah, how sad is it to get excited about a bed blanket, but this is one of the dual control ones, so I can heat up my side of the bed and my husband doesn’t have to die of heat on his side. I love that!

~GPS – I kept telling my husband that we didn’t need one. He bought one anyway. And guess what? Yeah, I’m eating crow (tofucrow, cuz of the vegetarian thing,) because I adore the little device. It’s so awesome to enter in an address and have it guide you right to your destination. It’s also great for looking up places to eat and shop, which has come in really handy now that we’re new to the area.

~Just The Cheese Chips and Popcorn – OMG, it’s cheese! But crunchy! These little baked cheese rounds and nuggets are pure cheese (some with flavorings) so they’re low-carb and just totally yum. The popcorn cheese is phenomenal.

Okay, so that’s it for this year. Is there anything you got, used, or ate in 2009 that has become a “favorite thing?”

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