Sunday, October 18, 2009

Countdown: 5 days!


Its almost here! Im getting last minute things in the mail from everyone, and finally packed my own stuff completely, and got the extra stuff done and packed as well. I try not to leave anything to chance.

For those of you attending, WOW, I really cant wait to see what you guys think of what we set up. Jacki and I have been wild with the last minute details, and making sure everything for the hotel is 5x5.

Everything jumps off at 3pm, registration starts rocking, and all the goodies start going out. I have decided Aud and I and the fam are staying at the hotel Thursday night, to start getting stuff done and out of the way. I gotta start bringing the stuff thats been living at my house for the past 9 months. Its like I'm giving birth, LOL.

Ooh and If you Twitter, we will be twittering from the event this year, as well as posting twit pics to get everyone's jealousy up. But dont worry, we will be doing an AWESOME contest in November for AAD09-10. So stay tuned.

Thats it from me, Im off to shower and get my ass to moving shit to the hotel. See you all on Friday!

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