Monday, June 15, 2009

Mountains, Windmills & Rain

I've been traveling since the beginning of June from one end of the country to the other. I absolutely LOVE road trips, though I don't often get a chance to do things like this anymore. I've seen all kinds of mountains and vegetation, from scrub and tumbleweeds to giant pine trees. At the left is a picture I took out the window of my vehicle as we drove along, somewhere in Wyoming, I believe. One thing that was new was the sheer number of windmills in the midwest and mountains. They're everywhere! I like it.

I also got to see oversized trucks carrying one propeller blade at a time to where they're building even more giant windmills. One thing that really impressed me is the sheer size of these windmills. From a distance they really don't look as big as they are. When you consider that just one propeller blade is WAAAAAY longer than a normal 18-wheeler truck bed, and then realize there are three of these stupendously long blades on each windmill... well, these things are gi-normous!
Driving is fun but I'll be glad when this trip winds down. I've got books to write and two new releases - one in print and one in ebook - this month. So check out JACI'S EXPERIMENT in print this week in a bookstore near you, and my latest paranormal, INFERNO, in ebook on June 30th.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the rain! We had fun racing in between the raindrops in the midwest. One thing this suburbanite can't get over is the fact that you can SEE weather coming miles and miles away. It's really amazing stuff! I'm observing a lot that will probably show up in a book of mine at some point. LOL. Fun stuff! And it proves a point I made in my recent Samhellion newsletter article - writers never really go on vacation. We're always observing and learning, filing away experiences to use in our work! :)

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Stephanie*magic* said...

I've done the road trips through there. It is amazing the weather you encounter. And I love the windmills too. Sometimes it would be raining on one side of the road and not the other! Hope you had tons of fun!!