Sunday, April 19, 2009


Okay, color me green with envy for all of you lucky enough to be attending the RT convention. I keep promising myself every year that I'm going to go and then somehow time slips away and I miss it yet again :( I hope everyone will take a ton of pictures and post them so that those of us left behind can truly appreciate everything that we've missed!

As far as news goes, I can't emember if I announced here that I've sold four books in the Guardian that's a big yeah :) And in the meantime I'm busy working on Salvatore's story. I'm hoping any day that I'll be getting the cover art for Darkness Unleashed (Jagr's story). As soon as I do I'll be sure and post it.

Oh yeah, I just celebrated my birthday...and when you reach my age, it really is a celebration!

Hope you all are having a fabulous spring!



Cybercliper said...

I have ALL your books so far and I am so glad to hear more is coming. I LOVE Styxx...

Stella Price said...

OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WOO. Imma drink one for you! And dont worry, you need to be planning to come to the AAD weekend so we can all hangout, and I can go all fangirl on you LOL! Cant wait for Jagr's book, and Sal's *I dont like wolves but Damn I LOVE Sal* And congrats on the sale hun!

We will miss you at RT but AAD is just around the corner!

Alexandra Ivy said...

Thanks, Cybercliper! Styx will always be one of my favs! Oy, I would love to go, Stella :) And I hope you'll like Salvatore...he's being a very bad boy!

Unknown said...

Well...Isn't bad the new good anyhow? *snicker* I like bad boys.



Suzette said...

I want to see RT pics too.

Stephanie*magic* said...

Be quiet woman!
Y old at all!!! :D
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope all is perfect in your world!

I never get to go to damn RT either.
:D I'm way on the West Coast! :(

Cant wait to read the next book!!!
So dang good! :D

EdgesAngel23 said...

Happy belated birthday!! I hope it was awesome!! Can't wait for the new books!!
Ashley A