Sunday, March 15, 2009

FireDrake in Print This Month

Okay - I'm changing this blog from what I had up first because it was too damned depressing. Sorry. I will try to be upbeat now.

Life is good.

Just keep saying that.

I suppose life is good for me this month considering FireDrake will be out in print at the end of the month. It's already hit some of the genre best seller lists on Amazon, which is amazing to me. So here's a little info about the book...

A knight most unexpected…

Fifteen years ago, Drake left everything behind for a life in the shadows. While it broke his heart to leave his grieving dragon behind, serving Draconia as head of a network of spies suited him better. Far better than never quite measuring up to Mace, the “perfect” knight his father wished he could have been.

Mace has always done his duty, and done it well. Drake, his childhood friend and rival, was the charmer who effortlessly stole every woman who caught Mace’s eye. Some things never change—not one day back in town, and Drake’s already putting the moves on Krysta, the woman Mace has been courting.

And now the three of them have taken on the dangerous task of rescuing a kidnapped prince.
With each day that passes on their perilous journey, Krysta sinks deeper into the complicated relationship between the two men and their meddling, matchmaking dragons. Mace is clearly the safer choice for a mate; yet Drake tantalizes her with that unpredictable gleam in his eye. When the three of them come together, any sense of torn loyalty burns away in nights of fiery passion.
The safety of the stolen prince hanging in the balance, Krysta accepts the challenge to unite two strong men—and their dragons—into a real family.

If the fire within doesn’t burn them all to cinders first.

Warning: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, ménage a trois, and hot dragon mating flights.


Dannyfiredragon said...

Bianca, congrats to the print release! The book is great

Anonymous said...

This is the second time just today that I've encountered a m/m/f relationship. I had no idea that these concepts were available for consumption beyond erotica ebook sites.

Would you say this is a growing trend? I think my awareness level is pretty low in general, but I've been noticing that print books are becoming increasingly explicit. Very interesting turn of events, to my mind.

Bianca D'Arc said...

Danny - Thanks! :)

Anonymous - Actually, the menage a trois is one of the best selling kinds of erotic romances. And just to get your terminology correct, several of my books are m/f/m menages (m/m/f implies the men are also involved with each other). My work is not "erotica" per se. It is erotic romance, where the story is just as important - if not more so - than the sex scenes. There are many definitions, but from my point of view, erotica is sex for sex's sake with a very thin story line. Erotic romance is something quite different. It's got a real story, plot, and all the good things that make a story work, plus very hot sex scenes. And if you go by the voracious readers in the ebook/small print world, it's more than a trend, it's a phenomena that's here to stay. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and ask questions.

Dannyfiredragon said...

I can only second what Bianca said.

Her books are definitely NOT erotica because there is a real plot and a developing relationship between the protagonists.

Erotica is more like one sex scene after the other.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clarification on the m/m/f vs. m/f/m.

I've been doing a little research since my last post and I've uncovered all kinds of fun subjects. I'm so glad to see that these things are becoming more mainstream. I had no idea how much I was missing. My TBR list has just grown as long as my arm.

I can't wait to try out FireDrake. Thanks again. :)