Thursday, February 26, 2009

The wait is over!

That would be the nerve wracking wait for the first review on a new book. LOL

While busy with revisions on book 2 of the cougar series, I received notice of two reviews and that was my collective sigh of relief you heard the other day.

I'm really very excited so let me share before I burst.

"This story is hot, hot, HOT! Lucas is a Black Cougar shifter and Kira is his destined mate. This story is well-written and very sexy."

To read the full review click here

"This is a curl-your-toes and makes-you-sweat type of fantasy novel. It is highly erotic, amazingly sensual, and just a little bit naughty."

Coffee Time Romance

To read the full review click here

Sorry my post is so short this month but here at Casa Gayle the adults are fighting the flu and the kids are taking care of us. I'm anxious for spring and warm weather so we can put the dreary sick winter behind us.

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Houston A.W. Knight said...

Authors After Dark,

I love your blog and I've given you a Premio Daras Award for your wonderful site. Come get it anytime this week!