Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Sale, Upcoming Releases & Pre-Orders Galore!

The big news this week for me is that I've sold One & Only to Samhain Publishing! One & Only, for those of you who don't know, was the first vampire story I ever wrote. It was also the first story I ever sold to a publisher - albeit a very small publisher. The story won a contest and was offered a publication spot, which I jumped at. I was hooked! A few weeks later, my first dragon book sold to a slightly larger publisher and that one actually ended up coming out first, but I doubt one would have happened without the other to spur on my confidence.

One & Only story started life as a very short 3,500 word piece about Atticus, an ancient vampire, and the woman who unexpectedly came into his life to make his endless years worthwhile once more. Her name was Lissa. The story was so short back then, they didn't even have last names. LOL.

Well, the story has been turned inside out and upside down, rewritten to over six times its original size and now they even have room for last names! The newly re-"vamped" story (sorry, I couldn't help myself) will be out from Samhain later this year. In all likelihood, the next two stories in the now out-of-print series will follow in the coming months. There was some talk of gathering the three re-written novellas (One & Only, Rare Vintage & Phantom Desires) together in a print anthology that would probably be out sometime in 2009 or 2010, but the details haven't been nailed down yet, so stay tuned on that.

In other news, the third book in my EPPIE Award Winning Resonance Mates series is coming out in ebook formats on August 5th. It's called Jaci's Experiment and it's my favorite book in the series to date! Lots of interesting secondary characters popped up in this book and they'll most likely get books of their own now, though it wasn't in the original plan. Hey, things change, you know? LOL.

If you're an ebook fan, look for Jaci's Experiment on August 5th. If you're a print-only reader, you'll have to wait until next year for Jaci, but Book 2 in the series, Davin's Quest, will be out in December and is already on pre-order from Amazon, along with two of my other forthcoming titles.

My October print release, Sweeter Than Wine, is already up for pre-order as is Davin's Quest and next March's FireDrake. All on sale! Stay tuned to my website for more information, as it becomes available.

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Jennifer A. Ray said...

That is such great news about One & Only! I really enjoyed the shorter version of it, but I am very excited to see what you add to it!

And you know I cannot wait for Jaci... :)

Congratulations, Bianca!

mamasand2 said...

Major Congrats on your rewritten 'One and Only'!!! I love vampire books and will have to try this one too.

Bianca, you are a wicked tease with all these books. I just discovered your books in Feb. and it's going to take me a long time to catch up with them all. But I'm working on it.

sandie * a new and addicted fan *

Bianca D'Arc said...

Thanks, Jennifer! :)

And thanks for the chuckle, Sandie! LOL!

It's great to hear from both of you!



This is great news Bianca! Congratulations!